My child may be a victim of abuse. Where can I find help?

In one place, Family Services provides counseling services to get your child on a path to recovery.

Family Services Child Advocacy Center eliminates the need for a child to undergo numerous interviews in settings that can be intimidating for anyone—let alone for a child who has suffered physical or sexual abuse.

Staffed by specially trained professionals skilled in child abuse prevention and treatment, our Child Advocacy Center is located in a confidential location where children can be interviewed in a non-threatening and child-friendly environment.

Our Services

  • Crisis intervention
  • Forensic interviews with the child to eliminate duplication
  • Case coordination by our staff and local agencies to assist with services and prosecution
  • Multi-disciplinary team staffing
  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Child trauma assessments
  • Supportive services and advocacy
  • Counseling services
  • Referrals for additional services
  • What to expect when visiting the CAC

We care about our clients and their privacy.
See our confidentiality policy in English and Spanish.

Family Services Child Advocacy Center was jointly established in 2000 by a number of community departments and agencies and nationally accredited in 2012.

For more information, contact Family Services Child Advocacy Center at 336.354.1067.