Family Support Services

Develop an environment for your Head Start child to reach their greatest potential.

Family counseling session at home with therapist.

Get involved in our parent activities and volunteer opportunities.

Parents and family members are the first teachers in a child’s life and are always welcome in our Head Start and Early Head Start classroom and during our program activities. Participation in your child’s early development and learning can make a big difference in your child’s readiness for school and future success.

Family Services child development programs offer you a number of ways  enhance your child’s participation and learning while enriching your parenting skills and self-confidence:

Family Advocacy

Each family is assigned a Family Advocate to serve as a support for parents and families in identifying strengths, goals and needs. Families receive direct services from community resources and referrals through Family Advocates after completion of assessments and the Family Partnership Agreement (FPA). FPA is a mutual agreement identifying strategies that assist families in completing family and/or parent goals. Our Advocates specialize in family support services and collaborate with local agencies to ensure that quality services are provided.

Parent Orientation

Learn about our child development programs and philosophy and how we make your child’s experience meaningful.

Home Visits

During the application process, parents meet with one of our Family Advocates for a one-on-one interview during which you identify your needs and can get referrals for resources and emergency assistance. Head Start teachers also conduct home visits.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Meet with your child’s teacher to learn about your child’s performance in language, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional skills and our approaches to learning and physical health.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Read to or with your child in his/her classroom
  • Play with your child or other children in any of the learning centers
  • Play games on the playground
  • Share your career, skills, talents, or hobbies
  • Go on field trips

Parent Workshops & Training

Support your child’s school readiness by attending our family workshops, training, and learning opportunities. To accommodate your schedule, sessions are offered during the day and in the evening in collaboration with our community partners, including Forsyth Technical Community College for ESL classes and Forsyth County Schools to help parents with their child’s transition to kindergarten, among others.