Emergency Shelter for Victims

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we are here for you. And the Family Services Domestic Violence Shelter is one of the ways we can help.

Leaving an abusive partner can be risky and frightening. If you and your children need to escape a dangerous home situation, our shelter staff is ready to provide peace of mind, empathy, and emotional support.

Our Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter services include:

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line (including when our offices are closed)
  • Safety planning
  • Specialized assessments, including danger assessments
  • 911 cell phones
  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Counseling and support groups
  • Safe Haven foster care for pets
  • Court advocacy
  • Information sessions
  • Referrals for services such as legal, housing, employment, education, medical needs, financial assistance, and safe pet placement
  • Disability advocates


24-hour hotline (336) 723-8125

If you decide to leave, plan for safety:

  • Contact our 24-Hour Crisis Line for more information (including when our offices are closed)
  • Have the phone numbers you’ll need on speed dial
  • Put some money away, even if you save only a little each week
  • Make copies of important papers and leave them with a friend, neighbor, or church
  • In an escalating situation, think about ways to separate yourself from the abuser

Our shelter provides a safe, temporary home for peace of mind, emotional support, and assistance to build a new life.

Donations for a Fresh Start

Donations of new clothes help adults and children as they transition to independence after leaving the shelter. Refer to the Shelter Wish List for ideas and instructions.


Young woman talk with female counselor in session


We Care About You and Your Privacy

Read our client confidentiality policy in either English or Spanish for more information about how we ensure your confidentiality.

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