Child Abuse and Assault Services

My child may be a victim of abuse.
Where can I find help?

When something bad happens to a child, will they be able to tell responsible adults about what happened? That’s why we are here.

The Family Services Children’s Advocacy Center is a safe and caring place for children up to age 17 and for developmentally/cognitively challenged adults who may have been affected by a crime, including:

  • Victims of sexual or physical abuse or neglect.
  • Victims of kidnapping, robbery, or other felonies
  • Witnesses of homicides or other felonies.

Contact the Family Services Children’s Advocacy Center at (336) 354-1067.

The Family Services Children’s Advocacy Center coordinates a multidisciplinary approach to respond to allegations of child abuse in Forsyth County. The Center is located in a confidential location where children can be interviewed in a comfortable, child-friendly, and age-appropriate environment. It is staffed by specially trained professionals skilled in child abuse prevention and treatment.

The Center provides children with a safe place to tell their stories to a trained interviewer in a manner that does not retraumatize them. The Center also promotes healing for children and their families.

The forensic interview of the suspected victim or witness is conducted by a trained forensic interviewer. A trained advocate also assists the family. A trauma-informed therapist is available, as well.

The assessment may include:

  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • An interview with the caretakers
  • A videotaped interview with the victim
  • A thorough discussion of the case with any necessary law enforcement or protective services personnel

Children’s Advocacy Services

  • Crisis intervention
  • Forensic interviews with the child
  • Case coordination by our staff and local agencies to assist with services and prosecution
  • Multi-disciplinary team coordination with the many agencies involved in child sexual assault cases
  • Supportive services and advocacy
  • Counseling services
  • Referrals for additional services
  • Parent support group
  • Child abuse prevention education and services

What to expect when visiting the Children’s Advocacy Center

Family Services Children’s Advocacy Center was jointly established in 2000 by a number of community departments and agencies. It has been nationally accredited by the National Children’s Alliance since 2012.

For more information, contact the Family Services Children’s Advocacy Center at (336) 354-1067.

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