We recognize that adoption is a lifetime process.

Family Services offers support, guidance and encouragement to adoptive parents, adopted children and adults, and birthparents. 

We’re building a continuum of services to meet the unique needs of those touched by adoption. Some needs come up immediately — others arise years later.

Individual and Family Counseling

Need someone who understands adoption to help sort things out? Family Services has therapists experienced in working with the special issues that adoption brings to families.

Lending Library

Borrow our books specializing in issues relating to parenting, ADHD, bonding and attachment, and dealing with adoption in the schools. Also available are books for children of all ages relating to adoption.

Confidential Intermediary Services

As a licensed child-placing agency in North Carolina, Family Services can provide confidential intermediary services between adult adoptees, adult lineal descendants of a deceased adoptee, parents of adoptees under the age of 21, and birth parents.

Services are available to families whose adoption we handled or through an agency with which we have an agreement. To be eligible to apply for these services, you must be either:

  • an adoptee 18 years or older,
  • the lineal descendant of a deceased adoptee (the son/daughter/grandchild),
  • the birth parent of an adoptee who is now 18 or older, or
  • the adoptive parents of a minor adoptee.


Support Groups

Many adoptive families find it helpful to get together with other adoptive families on a regular basis to talk about their experiences, solve problems and encourage each other.

Our support group for adoptive parents meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Childcare is provided.

Research and Resources 

Family Services offers research and resources for adults adopted through our agency who need assistance in obtaining non-identifying background information about their birth families as allowed under the North Carolina Adoption Statute.

For more information about our adoption services or additional resources, contact Lucy Cash at lcash@familyservicesforsyth.org or call Family Services at 336.722.8173.