Have you experienced domestic violence and are overwhelmed by the process of getting assistance?

Family Services partners with other agencies to give you access to a comprehensive set of services in one centralized location.

Bridges to Hope Family Justice Center of Forsyth County is a “one-stop-shop” of key service providers — law enforcement, victim advocates, legal advocates, and social services — to minimize the stress and trauma that individuals often face as they navigate through the court system.

725 Highland Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

8:30 am—4:30 pm, Monday to Friday
Phone: 336.776.3255

Crisis Hotline 336-723-8125

Bridges to Hope Family Justice Center of Forsyth County Services

Located on-site at Bridges to Hope Family Justice Center of Forsyth County, Family Services provides assistance with risk assessment, safety planning, advocacy, and referrals for these additional services:

  • legal assistance
  • protective orders
  • advocacy
  • referrals for counseling
  • shelter and other services
  • information from law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office concerning your court case

Hours of Operation

MondayFriday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Community Partners

For brief crisis intervention counseling or support groups, contact Family Services Safe Relationships Division at the main office, 336.722.8173. 


For eight years I was in a violent relationship but I kept the violence hidden from family, friends and coworkers. 

There were many nights I had to flee my home with my children, sometimes with no coats and shoes in the wintertime. Sometimes I wasn’t able to escape before the violence started. I was severely assaulted and tortured for over an hour in my own home. He strangled me until I was unconscious. When I regained consciousness, he was loading a gun but I managed to escape.

When I went to the Bridges to Hope Family Justice Center of Forsyth County, I met a group of people that changed my life and my children’s lives. It was a very traumatic time and they helped me pull together resources that I didn’t even know existed. Having resources and support in one location was critical for me. Just knowing I had that much support gave me the courage to finally get out of the relationship.

  • I was offered a safe place to stay
  • They helped me file the paperwork to request a domestic violence protective order
  • They referred me to Legal Aid, which represented me in court to obtain the protective order
  • They took photos of my injuries that were used in the criminal case
  • My children and I were referred to a Family Services therapist
  • The District Attorney’s office was very helpful and stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process of the criminal case

Family Services’ compassionate
and professional support provided me the courage and resources
to escape the violence.