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Wonder if counseling services are for you?

Learn how our professional therapists work with clients to resolve their issues.

All of Family Services’ therapists have completed accredited graduate school programs in social work, counseling, and/or marriage and family therapy, among others. They are licensed in the state of North Carolina in their field of study.
All personal information and what you discuss in therapy are completely confidential. Family Services may not release any of your conversations with your therapists to a third-party without your written permission, except where the law requires disclosure.
Family therapy focuses on the relationships of family members instead of just on one individual to help solve conflicts or concerns. Your therapist may see any combination of or all family members together, depending on the types of problems and the most effective ways to reach resolutions.

You should arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time. Please bring with you income documents, e.g., paycheck stubs, and health insurance cards. You will be asked to fill out some paperwork and review an agreement that describes some of the terms of our service.

Each counseling session is about 45-50 minutes, but the first one may be a little longer. Once you are in the therapist’s office, he/she will guide you on how the session will proceed.

Your therapist will be interested in learning your situations and ask some questions to understand them accurately. You are free to ask the therapist any questions you may have. Then, you and the therapist will begin to develop goals for your therapy together.