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Host Committee:  Shelby Chaden, Woody Clinard, Nancy Dunn, Tom Koontz MD, J. Walter McDowell, Charles Turner MD, and Laura Turner

Thank you for surpassing the goal!



Thanks to you, we are continuing to focus as never before on ensuring that Winston-Salem’s children — especially the 1/3 under age 5  who live in poverty — have the opportunity to grow up to become truly remarkable and to contribute their talents to our community.

All children have an inherent right
to realize their full potential.

Raising Every Child Arms-HeartYet, too many of our youngest children in Forsyth County do not enjoy the same opportunities for success. They are not ready to learn when they enter school. They start behind and constantly struggle to catch up. Too many never catch up.

You understand what is at stake here. You know that our children are our future.

You understand that our community’s economic vitality and social well-being depend on having every child ready for school and for life.

American children and youth face problems that many of us never imagined. These issues are not confined to urban cities; they impact every community. That’s why we are inviting every sector of our community to come together to support a plan of action to save all of our children, beginning at birth.

Three reasons for attending and supporting
Raising Every Child:

  1. Raising Every Child addresses the opportunity gap in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County and provides a forum for community champions to affirm their commitment to making the place we call home the best place in North Carolina for families with young children.
  2. There’s never been a better time to support Raising Every Child as corporate, philanthropic, education, nonprofit, and civic sectors are making major investments and collaborating on behalf of early childhood development and a pathway to universal Pre-K in Forsyth County.
  3. IT’S WORKING!  Raising Every Child is increasing community awareness and involvement and ensuring that more of our youngest children, who live in poverty, have access to the resources they need to thrive.

Your support can create a community of opportunity and raise every child to lead a fulfilling life. A brighter future for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County starts here.

The 2017 Raising Every Child benefit featured nationally acclaimed children’s crusader,
author, and pioneer of community revitalization in Central Harlem

children's crusader, author, and pioneer of community revitalization in Central Harlem

Geoffrey Canada

“The Crisis Facing Communities:
What We Can Do to Save Our Children”

To underscore the importance of an investment in early childhood development for every child in Forsyth County, highly honored children’s crusader Geoffrey Canada shared his vision for how to reduce poverty and elevate the potential of young children. Canada, co-founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone, pioneered the revitalization of Central Harlem through child and youth development programs and services. His message will inspire us to continue addressing issues that are vital to improving the lives of our community’s children and families whose potential has been lost under the weight of poverty, marginalization, and disadvantage.

Reaching Every Child