Family Services works collaboratively with government, education, other nonprofit organizations and citizens to solve our community’s complex social problems.

Too many individuals in our community struggle with poverty, unemployment and domestic upheaval that threaten not only the lives of their own families but also our collective future.
Family Services works to help children, families and individuals make positive, lasting changes in their lives; strengthen families; build a healthier, more stable community; and build a better future for all of us.


Childhood Development

Helping children from low-income families prepare for success with school readiness, emotional and physical health, and nutrition services.


Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Relationship Issues. Helping children, adolescents and adults, and individuals, couples and families discover their own strengths to make better decisions.

Family Violence

Helping victims become survivors and thrivers by creating a safety plan and providing a safe place and support services.

Sexual Assault

Providing both immediate and longer-term services to sexual assault victims and their families, to help them take critical steps toward recovery.