In our efforts to ensure that all families and children are safe, secure, and able to reach their full potential, Family Services has resolved to cultivate community-wide commitment to:
  1. Family_Services_Case_for_SupportExpand pre-kindergarten education for all children in Forsyth County,
  2. Eliminate the threat of family violence and sexual assault in our community, and
  3. Establish a foundation of annual support for greater financial agility that will sustain our services and begin the process of carrying out these two transformational goals.
We cannot do this alone. We are dependent upon your talents, your investment and your support.
  • You can ensure the future success of our children in school, in the workplace, and in life.
  • You can help break the silence that perpetuates the rise of family violence in our community.
  • You can enable Family Services to support the direct needs of more than 8,700 people per year, while it cultivates a “community of solutions” to eradicate the threats to healthy families.
Imagine how your gift will strengthen the lives of children and families in Forsyth County.

Let’s build a better future by
building a stronger community in 2016.

The future can start right now, in 2015, with your year-end gift to Family Services.

Donate_NowThe future starts here.
Help us build a better one.

PS: Building a better future for Forsyth County is a community-wide endeavor. Every gift to the annual fund is critical, regardless of size. You can become part of our community of solutions by making your gift on-line using this link: Give Now