Screenshot of a video chat with Casey Combs

Hi! My name is Casey Combs and I’m a licensed mental health coach, a marriage and family therapist and I work with the Forsyth County School Readiness Project, which is currently in our fifth year.

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic hit, we were going into preschool classrooms where we work directly with teachers — offering training on a social and emotional model. We are also in the classroom for hands-on strategy work dealing with the teachers.

Additionally, we work individually with the children who require a little additional help and possibly some traditional counseling.

Like many of you, I’m doing a lot of my job these days online. As you can imagine, that has made many aspects of what I do a lot more complicated. But it has also given me a chance to share with you a particular success story that I think illustrates perfectly why we do what we do.

I’d like to thank you all collectively for the support that allows us to make stories like this possible.