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We must invest in young children to thrive

Opinion by Robert J. Feikema, President and CEO, Family Services As published in the Winston-Salem Journal, November 2, 2016 The Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is one of the finest examples of industrial site repurposing in the country. Twenty-five years in the making, it began as a response to an economy reeling from a devastating series [...]

Editorial: Preschool programs: Children wait for rare open slots – Winston-Salem Journal: Editorials

"Today, fewer than half of North Carolina's children, age 4 and younger, are enrolled in a regulated child-care facility," reported Arika Herron in a recent Winston-Salem Journal article. "Only about 1,300 of Forsyth County's almost 4,000 4-year-olds are in pre-K programs through Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools or in Head Startr or N.C. Pre-K, publicly funded programs [...]

Today’s Classroom: Preschool needs going unmet, but what can be done?

(Excerpted from Winston-Salem Journal, November 1, 2015) More and more, preschool experiences such as those offered in this Old Town Elementary School pre-K classroom are being recognized as crucial to students’ subsequent academic success.They are also in short supply. There are many other unanswered questions about pre-K programs. How much would it cost to expand [...]