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A Junior League Outstanding Partner

Left to right: Shannon Neal, Campaign and Development Operations, Family Services;  Michelle Speas, Chief Development and Public Relations Officer, Family Services;  Aimee Rowe, 2017-18 JLWS President; Lucia Higgins, Development and Community Engagement, Family Services; Bob Feikema, CEO and President, Family Services Family Services was recognized as an "outstanding partner" and received the 2017 Community Partner award [...]

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Video Recap: Childhood Nutrition Day at Sarah Y. Austin Child Development Center

A hungry child cannot learn. A hungry adult is not productive. A hungry community cannot flourish. In Forsyth County, 57% of children in public schools qualify for free/reduced school meals. 25% of children in our community are considered food insecure. 29% of food insecure residents do not qualify for Food and Nutrition assistance. Family Services, [...]

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Silos vs. Systems

The human service system was not developed systematically. The multitudes of nonprofit organizations established over the past 50 years were created independent of each other in response to a particular issue or need. Most were started by a group of citizens that had a specific concern, usually one that touched them personally: mental health, disabilities, [...]

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