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Celebrity Chef and Head Start children create four-star experience

Event Photo Gallery Some of the four- and five-year-olds at Family Services’ Sarah Y. Austin Head Start were treated to a special visit by celebrity chef, Curtis Aikens, who was in Winston-Salem to promote his new book, ABC Soup: A Family and Friends Cookbook (Prospective Press, Winston-Salem, NC). Aikens is one of the original Food-Network [...]

Video Recap: Childhood Nutrition Day at Sarah Y. Austin Child Development Center

A hungry child cannot learn. A hungry adult is not productive. A hungry community cannot flourish. In Forsyth County, 57% of children in public schools qualify for free/reduced school meals. 25% of children in our community are considered food insecure. 29% of food insecure residents do not qualify for Food and Nutrition assistance. Family Services, [...]

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