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Partner success: Imprints Cares

We are pleased to share the following story about one of our partners, Imprints Cares. Imprints Cares: Empowering Parents  |  by Todd Brantley  | EducationNC January 19, 2017 Imprints Cares mission is to “enrich children’s development while supporting their families on the journey of parenthood.” Since 1969, Imprints Cares has focused on helping the children of [...]

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The Benefits of Universal Pre-K

All children have an inherent right to realize their full potential. Yet, too many of our youngest children in Forsyth County do not enjoy the same opportunities for success. They are not ready to learn when they enter school. They start behind and constantly struggle to catch up. Too many never catch up. We know [...]

New in-home nursing care program for newborns is encouraging

The Winston-Salem Journal article, "Forsyth hospital, trust start new in-home nursing care program for newborns," is an encouraging example of the growing level of community investment in early childhood development. Helping moms provide their babies the best possible start in life has long-term benefits for the child, the family, and our community. Building a better future in Forsyth [...]

Celebrity Chef and Head Start children create four-star experience

Event Photo Gallery Some of the four- and five-year-olds at Family Services’ Sarah Y. Austin Head Start were treated to a special visit by celebrity chef, Curtis Aikens, who was in Winston-Salem to promote his new book, ABC Soup: A Family and Friends Cookbook (Prospective Press, Winston-Salem, NC). Aikens is one of the original Food-Network [...]

Editorial: Preschool programs: Children wait for rare open slots – Winston-Salem Journal: Editorials

"Today, fewer than half of North Carolina's children, age 4 and younger, are enrolled in a regulated child-care facility," reported Arika Herron in a recent Winston-Salem Journal article. "Only about 1,300 of Forsyth County's almost 4,000 4-year-olds are in pre-K programs through Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools or in Head Startr or N.C. Pre-K, publicly funded programs [...]

Commemorating 50 Years of Head Start in Forsyth County

On October 14, 2015, Family Services commemorated 50 years of Head Start in Forsyth County with a tree-planting ceremony at Sarah Y.austin Head Start. Councilman Derwin L. Montgomery and Family Services President & CEO Bob Feikeman joined Childhood Education Director Glenda Welch and the children at Sarah Y. Austin to plant a Japanese Maple, a symbol [...]

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Local Chefs, Family Services Team Up for Childhood Nutrition Day

Chef Don McMillan coordinates sixteen local chefs and culinary students for the seventh annual Child Nutrition Day, sponsored by the Chef and Child Foundation of the American Culinary Federation, in collaboration with Family Services and Second Harvest Food Bank. Photo by Jesus Oroszco. For the past 24 years, the Chef and Child Foundation of the [...]

Video Recap: Childhood Nutrition Day at Sarah Y. Austin Child Development Center

A hungry child cannot learn. A hungry adult is not productive. A hungry community cannot flourish. In Forsyth County, 57% of children in public schools qualify for free/reduced school meals. 25% of children in our community are considered food insecure. 29% of food insecure residents do not qualify for Food and Nutrition assistance. Family Services, [...]

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Family Services Receives $2.2 Million in Federal Funding
to Help Bring Early Head Start Program to Forsyth County

Family Services President and CEO Bob Feikema with 3-year-old students at the Sarah Y. Austin Head Start Center. (photo by Erin Mizelle for The Chronicle) Family Services, the nonprofit that administers the Head Start program in Forsyth County within its Child Development division, announced Tuesday, April 7, that it has received $2.2 million in [...]

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Family Services Seeks Public Support as it Sets Broader Goals

Family Services has launched a $250,000 annual campaign that highlights the agency’s childhood development programs and domestic violence services and shows how all of Family Services’ programs work together to “ensure that all families and children are safe, secure and able to reach their full potential.” Federal and state subsidies for Family Services’ numerous programs [...]