The “#MeToo” social media movement originating out of the Harvey Weinstein story has brought to the public square an important conversation: the right to healthy relationships.  While commenting directly on a sexual harassment case with over 12,000,000 social media comments may not be in Family Services’ purview, 89% of the agency’s employees are women, and October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and promoting healthy relationships and the rights of all to live and work in a safe, non-threatening community is within our purview.

Each of us has an inherent right to live and work in a community free from the threat of all forms of violence, including sexual misconduct.  That’s why awareness campaigns, like “#MeToo” and national Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October), are so important. The more we are able to raise awareness and generate action, the greater our ability to change community norms and bring domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and many forms of family violence out of the shadows, eliminating them once and for all.

The “#MeToo” campaign shines a light on a pervasive issue that impacts far too many people around us. As with incidents of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and many forms of family violence, prevention is the best defense. Creating a community in which healthy relationships are the norm depends upon community engagement:

  • Don’t look the other way. Speak out or call our confidential 24-hour Crisis Line: (336) 723-8125
  • Be Proactive in helping children of all ages develop attitudes and beliefs that lead to healthy relationships.
  • Teach peace at home by modeling nonviolent, respectful behavior among family members.
  • Support education programs that address bullying and teen dating violence.

When Family Services imagines the future of Forsyth County, the agency sees a community in which family members are able to manage stress, resolve conflicts, and express emotions without resorting to violence against one another; a community in which every family has the opportunity to nurture their children and achieve their personal goals.

Keeping this vision in motion depends on the entire community. Family Services invites you to participate in creating a safer, better future for us all.

Contact Family Services for more information about the work of Family Violence Preventioncounseling, services for victims of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Sexual Assault, and how to provide support or volunteer.

Call 911 for an emergency. 24-hour crisis lines at Family Services (336) 722-8173 (Domestic Violence and emergency shelter), (336) 722-4457 (Sexual Assault). Protective Orders at Safe on Seven (336) 779-6320.