Family Services Healing Gardens tell a story: one of resilience and hope.

Sponsor a garden to create a comforting, healing environment for the individuals seeking comfort and support from Family Services.

Individuals, children and families come to Family Services seeking help with tough issues. That’s why when we designed our green, environmentally friendly building in 2007, we developed a series of individual, therapeutic gardens to create a soothing outdoor setting, viewable from our waiting room.

Seventeen gardens were originally planned for our four-acre site. We currently have seven individual gardens.

(Photos of Family Services Healing Gardens courtesy of Mike Turner) 

A Comforting, Healing Environment

Our grounds provide a comforting, healing environment that mirrors the healing that our clients experience from our caring therapists and other Family Services professionals.

Groups, families and individuals – some of whom have been directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence – have sponsored a garden. Many gardens are still available for sponsorship.

To sponsor a garden, please contact Michelle Speas, chief development and public relations officer, at or call 336.722.8173.

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