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Thank you to all of our champions who helped us surpass our goal for the Raising Every Child campaign.

Studies show that the first five years of a child’s life are a time of rapid brain development – a once-only window of opportunity when a child’s mind becomes wired for success (or hardship) that will last into adulthood.

It’s a scientific fact. Children who have access to high-quality, early childhood development programs in the first five years will be better prepared both intellectually and emotionally — to become healthier, happier and more socially responsible adults.

The Raising Every Child Campaign for Family Services ensures that disadvantaged children from birth through age five are ready to achieve in school and succeed in life.

Raising Every Child for Family Services Case for Support

Download the Case for Support (PDF)

Raising Every Child will improve the physical, social, and emotional health of 1,500 young children annually.

Raising Every Child will rehabilitate existing classrooms and add preschool space to serve over 300 three- and four-year-old children.

Raising Every Child will provide 100 teachers with training and support to help our children become good learners.

Raising Every Child will support efforts to make high quality Pre-K programs available to all four-year-olds in Forsyth County.

Because the first five years will last a lifetime.

Raising Every Child helps build a better future for our community. But, we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

You can ensure that more of our children, from birth through age five are ready to achieve in school and in life.

Family Services thanks the following community leaders who are generously volunteering their time and talent and inspiring all of us to help build a better future for Forsyth County:


Shelby and Lee Chaden
Woody Clinard


Peggy and Bill Reingold


Mary Craven Adams
Zanne Baker
Steve Berlin
Ed Broyhill
Nancy Dunn
Paul Fulton
Richard Gottlieb
Julie Hatch
Drs. Patricia and Steven Klein
Joyce Neely
Dave Plyler
Suzanne Reynolds
Sheriff Bill Schatzman
Dr. Eric Tomlinson
Dr. Kathryn Williams and Alan Davis


Nicole Alford
David Barksdale
Barry Boyd
Peggy Carter
Brandi Covington
Candace Friel
Susan Frye
Avery Hall
Linda Jackson-Barnes
Kayce King
Ben Loebner
Heather Magaha
Erika Mielke
Frank Myers
Drewry Nostitz
Sylvia Oberle
Alan Proctor
Anna Marie Smith
Jimmy Smith
Dawn Spainhour
Maria Teza
Natalie Webb

Robert J. Feikema
President & CEO
Family Services

Michelle Speas, CFRE
Chief Development and
Public Relations Officer
Family Services

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