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The future starts here — help us build a better one.

Family_Services_Case_for_SupportA Message from our Campaign Chair
As a former district court judge for over 27 years, and as chief district court judge for over 15 years, I witnessed firsthand – on a regular basis – the emotional scars, social instability and educational roadblocks that many of our local families face.

That’s why I am leading a new effort to secure the financial and strategic resources that Family Services needs to expand and intensify the collaborative work it does throughout our community.

To ensure all children will have the opportunity to enroll in quality, affordable early childhood development programs. And to ensure that all families and individuals are free from the threat of family violence and sexual assault.

Yes, these are ambitious objectives. But I challenge each of you to dream big. By all of us working together, we can and will make a difference in the lives of families in our community.

Family Services thanks the following community leaders who are generously volunteering their time and talent and inspiring all of us to help build a better future for Forsyth County:

William B. Reingold Chief District Court Judge (Ret.)Campaign Chair 2016
William B. Reingold
Chief District Court Judge (Ret.)

William B. Reingold, Chair 2016-17 
Zanne Baker, Honorary Chair
Mike Fagan, Vice Chair
Adrienne Amos Livengood
Ben Loebner

Sara Quick Loebner
Dave Plyler
Claudia Zorn Schaefer
Anne Marie Smith