Hope is not a dream but a way of
making dreams become reality

                                                 —Leon Jozef Suenens
Family Services Heart“Jamal” lived with his grandmother, but he desperately missed his mother who was not present in his life. His disjointed homelife inhibited his progress in the classroom. His teachers alerted the child’s advocate, who encouraged his parents to participate in counseling through our Strengthening Families program. After much hard work the family was reunited and “Jamal” is meeting developmental expectations with enthusiasm.
Family Services HeartThree-year-old “Alayah” was so small and functioned at an 18-month-old level when she joined her Head Start classroom. Her teachers worked closely with her and within several months she was keeping up with her classmates in all areas.
Family Services HeartFour-year-old “Antonio” was denied enrollment at other child development centers because of his dependence on pull-ups and a fear of using the bathroom. Within three weeks at Head Start, he reached appropriate independence.
Family Services Heart“Leah’s” mother was approved for a low-interest loan to purchase a car through our Ways to Work program. The support she received enabled her to keep her job and take her child to and from Head Start, where “Leah” also participates in the after school program enabling her mom to take classes at Winston-Salem State University.
Family Services HeartAt the beginning of the school year, teachers noticed that “Devon” showed difficulty with speech, hearing, and vision, and he scored low on cognitive skills tests. Health screenings through the Head Start program enabled early diagnosis of vision and hearing impairment. A family advocate helped secure glasses and a hearing aid. With these resources he is flourishing in the classroom.

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We are sharing these real Head Start successes with you
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Let’s make this a profound season of hope for children and families in Forsyth County.

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