designed to help families in crisis during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic

As our community continues to shelter in place, it is our hope that all of us are able to remain Strong at Home — in a safe place, healthy, with people who care for each other. But we also know that’s not the reality for some of our friends and neighbors.

You may have heard from media accounts that incidents of child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence increase at times like this. Therefore, we took a look at our local statistics.

• Have calls to our crisis lines increased?

• How many survivors are staying at our Domestic Violence Shelter? Are we seeing an increase in requests for housing?

• Are we seeing an increase in the number of 50B Protective Orders filed at Safe on Seven?

• Has our Child Advocacy Center had an increase from law enforcement and medical professionals in requests for forensic interviews?

Truth be told, we have not seen a visible uptick in any of these numbers, yet. The reason being — a lot of organizations such as ours realize that as people shelter in place at home, for a number of reasons they may not feel comfortable calling 911 — may not feel comfortable visiting an emergency room — may not necessarily feel comfortable telling a friend they don’t feel safe or secure.

In addition, our friends and neighbors are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression. Mental health is really taking center stage in the invisible injuries suffered during this pandemic, as people look for new ways to deal with stress, frustration, and even anger.

Family Services began to explore what we can do today to adapt for tomorrow. What can we do as an agency to make ourselves more nimble and more responsive to the immediate needs of our community, and meet people where they are.

That’s where comes in.

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