Photo of Jen Brown with Fearless

We wanted to take a moment to tell you about one of our community partners that has stepped up to raise both support and awareness for Family Services.

Jen Brown describes Fearless Winston-Salem as a collaborative collective for and by women and non-binary folks in Winston Salem. The group hosts events, classes, coworking, hangouts — and is incredibly member-driven.

Fearless has more than 4,400 members in its online community and that number keeps growing. Membership starts at $1 a month to pay rent and utilities, but no one draws a salary from Fearless.

“Basically, if someone has an idea and they are a member we do it,” Jen Brown. “This can be anything from a free program for anyone all the way to a paid class, no rental fee, payout, nothing. The paid classes go 100 percent to the teacher/facilitator of the program. I think once we make it to the new normal, places like Fearless are going to be critical for connection and generating income for folks.”

According to Brown, Machine Gun Graphics reached out to the group and offered a per shirt print job – a few other organizations and businesses in the area were doing it as well – and once the product cost was paid, any “overage” would go to Fearless.

“Because we have such a strong community support, I wanted to give the overage to another organization in town that needed it,” Brown said. “I asked membership, as I always do, who we should help and the answer was overwhelmingly obvious once one person said it: Family Services.

“We’ve hosted quite a few survivor groups, I personally grew up in an abusive household and got divorced many years ago from an abusive partner. The emotional scars are all still there, so hearing that domestic violence calls are up during a time when someone can’t just leave to window shop, or go for a longer drive, or hang out at Target (all things I did as a child, teenager and adult to get away) wasn’t surprising. I hope that we all remember the folks that suffer in silence during this time, and show them that we have their back.”

The purchase of a Fearless T-shirt or hat helps Machine Gun Graphics keep their lights on and the overage on each shirt goes directly to Family Services. The production price drops as the quantity goes up – so order up and don’t let folks suffer in silence.

T-shirts and caps benefiting Family Services