What services would I want available if, heaven forbid, my child becomes a victim of sexual abuse? A facility that is child-friendly. A neutral place where your child feels physically and psychologically safe and comfortable.

Someone professionally trained in interviewing children in a manner that is supportive and legally sound and knowledgeable on issues related to child development as well as the various dynamics of child abuse. Being interviewed only one time so my child does not have to continuously relive the trauma.

A victim advocate who provides crisis intervention, offers support and informs you about additional resources for your family and is there for you and your child through the course of the case. And a counselor who specializes in working with children who have been abused who establishes goals of treatment and develops a pathway to recovery.

Personnel from law enforcement, child protective services, the district attorney’s office, the hospital, the victim advocate and the counselor all working together in a coordinated effort to investigate and to intervene in all cases of child abuse.

Family Services Child Advocacy Center has been providing these types of services and more to child victims and their families since 2000.
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