“Today, fewer than half of North Carolina’s children, age 4 and younger, are enrolled in a regulated child-care facility,” reported Arika Herron in a recent Winston-Salem Journal article.

“Only about 1,300 of Forsyth County’s almost 4,000 4-year-olds are in pre-K programs through Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools or in Head Startr or N.C. Pre-K, publicly funded programs that serve low-income families. Another 200 to 300 are enrolled in licensed home care or private centers, according to state records.”

That is a concern that Family Services hopes to address through a steering committee that is currently studying the problem.

According to this Journal board editorial, “there’s a waiting list, 500 or 600 deep in Forsyth County alone, of parents who want their children to be in Head Start or N.C. Pre-K….,” and they cite state legislature cuts for limiting these important programs.

Read the full editorial here.

Learn more about Family Services’ transformational goal to make universal pre-K possible in Forsyth County here.

Source: Editorial: Preschool programs: Children wait for rare open slots – Winston-Salem Journal: Editorials