Imprints Cares has launched a multi-agency initiative to strengthen child and family well-being by focusing on all aspects of pediatric health.

The Pediatric Holistic Health Initiative, a collaborative between Imprints Cares, Wake Forest Baptist Health, and Family Services provides families access to tiered-levels of education and health services such as one-on-one consultations and child assessments, intensive and non-intensive home visits, and mental health support so that children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

The American Academy of Pediatrics deems the medical arena as a critical location for promoting education, healthy development, and wellness across the family’s life. The initiative, which is supported by a $550,000 grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, expands ImprintsCares’ partnership on-site at Wake Forest Baptist Health-Downtown Health Plaza, Westgate Pediatrics, and Winston East Pediatrics, and addresses concerns such as pre- and post-natal care, behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues, child developmental delays, and/or parenting stress.

By addressing every aspect of child and family health and wellness, the initiative will ensure that at-risk children and their families are prepared for success in school and in life, beginning at birth.