Imagine living in a community where all families feel safe and secure.

Imagine a healthy, productive, and sustainable community.

Family_Services_Case_for_SupportFamily Services is working to make what you imagine a reality. We are committed to achieve two transformational goals for Forsyth County:

  1. To provide all young children with the opportunity to enroll in quality, affordable early childhood development programs, and
  2. To create a community in which all families and children are free from the threat of family violence.

We have convened key leaders to work together to achieve these two goals, and have two initiatives currently underway:

Universal Pre-K Initiative

At-risk children who participate in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs are more successful in school and later in life. They are more likely to graduate from high school, attend a four-year college, and graduate from college. As adults they are more likely to be employed, own a home, and have health insurance. But less than 25 percent of four-year-olds in Forsyth County are enrolled in quality pre-K programs.

Our Universal Pre-K Initiative is dedicated to making Forsyth County the first county in North Carolina with a system of quality pre-K programs that are available to all children.

Family Violence Prevention Initiative

Family violence is a major public health issue that demands a public response. Over 1,800 individuals come to Safe on Seven every year seeking protection orders. Family Services Child Advocacy Center conducts over 150 forensic interviews annually of children who have been the victims of physical or sexual abuse.

Our Family Violence Prevention Initiative will mobilize the business community, faith-based groups, schools, the media, the arts, government, and private citizens to take actions to prevent family violence from occurring.

To be part of achieving these goals, please contact Family Services at 336.722.8173.

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