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Domestic Violence Not a Private Family Matter,
It’s a Community Matter

The National Football League found the spotlight reserved for violence on the field being shared with stories of off-the-field violence involving several of its players. The Ray Rice video and news accounts of other players involved in family violence have riveted the nation’s attention. Will we look back at this time as a turning point [...]

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Head Start Celebrates Focus on Nutrition

Parents and children across Forsyth County celebrated National Childhood Nutrition Day with a big, healthy breakfast prepared by chefs of the American Culinary Federation local chapter. Family Services organized the breakfast to highlight the problem of childhood hunger in Forsyth County. In the 18 counties of Northwest NC served by Second Harvest Food Bank, almost [...]

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All on Board for Early Childhood Education

Something must be in the water. There are signs in North Carolina and nationally of a growing consensus around the need for additional funding for early childhood development programs. An August 2014 poll of registered voters in North Carolina found that 71% support increased federal investment to help states provide more access to high-quality early [...]

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Naomi Judd to be Keynote Speaker
at 2014 Home Free Benefit Luncheon

Naomi Judd Country music superstar and American icon, Naomi Judd will share her personal story of domestic violence at 2104 Home Free, the third annual benefit luncheon in Forsyth County to end domestic violence, hosted by Family Services and the Children’s Law Center of Central NC on October 16, from noon – 1:30 [...]

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Family Services Welcomes New Board Members

Family Services announces the appointment of two new members of its Board of Directors, beginning in fall 2014: William B. Reingold and Linda Jackson-Barnes. “All three of our newest Board members embody the spirit of community and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as [...]

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School-Based Therapy Services at Philo-Hill Magnet Academy

Family Services announces that it has a therapist onsite at Philo-Hill Magnet Academy several days a week to provide therapy services for students. Therapy services are made available through a partnership between Family Services and Philo-Hill Magnet Academy, with funding from The United Way. How does it work? The School-Based Therapist is available to work [...]

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Now Available: Trauma-Focused CBT for School-Aged Youth

A child’s reaction to a traumatic event varies greatly. While most children and adolescent victims of sexual, physical or emotional trauma are able to return to their previous levels of functioning through normal childhood resiliency, roughly 20 percent of children require specialized therapy to help them recover. Family Services participated in a year-long learning collaborative through the [...]

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Reader’s Forum: Sunday Letters “Look at Head Start”

"Today’s classrooms" is an illuminating series of articles on education in Forsyth County. The Jan. 26 article (“Magnet programs show potential for all students”) correctly notes that early childhood development is a key to closing the achievement gap between poor and non-poor students. However, the article did not mention that the country’s most time-tested and [...]

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