During the holiday season, U.S. Postal Service employees in Winston-Salem came together to make sure that a local Head Start family got every item on their Christmas list.

“They have had a rough year and were going through a tough time and our employees were able to provide them with a wonderful Christmas,” USPS spokesperson Angela Albertson said. “I want to truly give thanks to all of our employees for coming together and doing such a wonderful job of sharing Christmas.”

Postal employees from the Main Office, along with Manor, North Point and Waughtown stations came together to make sure that this single mother and her four children — all under age 10 — had an unforgettable Christmas this year.

“With this time of year, many of us are exhausted. We have our own lives and families, and there is just so much to do. However, everyone put that aside reached into their own wallets and hearts and created something beautiful for strangers,” Albertson said in a letter emailed to local postal workers.

“The point is that sometimes we need help, and sometimes we can do the helping,” she wrote.