Adults can be taught to create an environment for success.
Sunday’s The New York Times highlights the Chicago School Readiness Project that was developed by Dr. Cybele Raver of New York University. In the article, Paul Tough explains how the project proved that children living in poverty can thrive and succeed in school when their parents and teachers receive critical help and coaching. An identical study, the “Forsyth County School Readiness Project,” is in progress in Winston-Salem through Family Services, Inc., with support from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Great Expectations and with consultation provided by Dr. Raver.

Family Services is training and coaching Head Start teachers to improve classroom management methods and reduce problematic behaviors that can develop into mental health issues among 4-year-olds. Seven classrooms are participating in the Forsyth County School Readiness Project, a randomized control-trial intervention that achieved significant self-regulation success among children living in poverty in Chicago schools.