The future of our community starts here. Help us build a better one.

Named for our founder Annie Grogan, the Grogan Society brings together individuals who are deeply committed to addressing the educational, physical, social and economic needs of families in our community.
As a member of the Grogan Society, you stand side by side with our organization’s early leaders, whose bold vision for strong families and a healthy community continues today as Family Services enters a new era that will:

  • Enhance and expand early childhood development,
  • Empower our neighbors to achieve greater financial security, and
  • Eliminate family violence and child abuse.Donate_Now

Positive and Lasting Change in our Community

Family Services addresses all aspects of family life. Our integrated system of carefully selected and designed programs work together to end domestic violence, educational, social and economic disparities in Forsyth County.

By joining the Grogan Society, you make a lasting impact – for decades – in the lives of families in your community and help build a better future for our entire community. Members of the Grogan Society make an annual unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more to our Annual Fund and have access to exclusive opportunities to see the impact of your investment firsthand.

Current Grogan Society Members

Annie Grogan: An Innovator in Human Services

Miss Annie Grogan was a local telephone operator during the turn of the twentieth century. Moved by the heartbreaking stories she heard, of families struggling with poverty and sickness, she donated pennies from her paycheck to support needy families and delivered food and clothing to poverty stricken areas of the community.

Inspired by Miss Annie’s simple acts of kindness, a dedicated group of community leaders joined her in 1905 to form the Associated Charities of Winston, known today as Family Services.

Miss Annie’s vision inspires Family Services and action-minded people to address the complex needs of families and to simultaneously build solutions to the systemic problems that perpetuate the needs. We invite you to join the Annie Grogan Giving Society today and participate in cultivating a community of solutions toward a hopeful future.

AnnieGrogran_timeline“Our community has the resources and the responsibility to respond to families in need and to assist them to become self-sufficient.”
—Miss Annie Grogan
Become a member of The Grogan Society today and help expand our community’s efforts to strengthen the most vulnerable children and families and our community.

Grogan Society Giving Levels

$10,000 or more annually
$5,000–$9,999 annually
$2,500–$4,999 annually
$1,000–$2,499 annually
You can make your gift online, or send a check, made payable to Family Services (1200 S. Broad Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101). For more information, contact Michelle Speas, chief development and public relations officer at 336.722.8173.