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Is Open Adoption the Right Option for Me?

Family Services experienced staff can help you decide what’s most comfortable for your needs.

Open adoption is one of several options available to families adopting today. Open adoption is most easily understood in the context of an “extended family” relationship.

Adoptions with some degree of openness give adoptive parents the best opportunity to answer their children’s questions most effectively.

In open adoptions, children grow up knowing that they are loved by all of their family members—the parents who adopted them and the parents who gave them life.

Fully Open Adoption

  • Communication between the birth parent(s) and adoptive parents is direct; they meet each other, share identifying information and have direct access to ongoing contact over the years.
  • The birth parents meet the potential adoptive families they have selected.
  • The birth and adoptive families fully disclose identifying information (names and addresses) at the appropriate time.
  • The birth parents and adoptive parents decide on the type of contact they would like to have, e.g., attending the birth of the child, attending physician visits together, e-mails, phone calls and letters, visiting the home, gathering as extended family members during special occasions, etc.
  • There is direct correspondence between the families.
  • Birth parents are able to know, through ongoing contact, that they made the best decision for their child.


Who is Best Suited for Open Adoption?

Adoptive parents who do well in an open adoption accept birth parent participation as a way to enhance their parenting and the life of their child, not to diminish it. Adoptive parents are confident to set appropriate boundaries without fear of jeopardizing their relationship with the birth family.

Birth parents who do well in open adoptions view their role not as parents, but as persons who are very special to the family. They are accepting of the entire adoptive family and build a relationship centered on what is best for the child.

We have many families in open adoption situations willing to talk with you about their experiences.

Mediated or Semi-Open Adoptions

When an open adoption is not possible, Family Services is available to share communications between adoptive parents and the birth parents without sharing any identifying information.

For more information about our adoption services or to request an application, contact Lucy Cash at or call 336.722.8173.